RGB X-Tech AG – A passion for precision engineering

Whether in steel, carbon or ceramic: we supply the watchmaking industry with high quality and precision components.

Mechanical engineering with Swiss precision

As experts in CAM programming, we manufacture extremely precise mechanical components for customers in Switzerland and abroad.

Precision engineering in the service of medical technology

Medical instruments from RGB X-Tech AG, based in Rheineck, St. Gallen, meet the highest standards.

Watchmaking industry

Watch cases and watch components – Swiss Quality
from RGB X-Tech

Watch components - RGB X-Tech AG - RheineckEven today, many luxury watches are still being made in certain rural areas, though this work is mainly carried out in towns such as La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, Biel and Grenchen in the Jura mountains. It is therefore all the more of an honour for RGB X-Tech AG from the idyllic Rheintal to be acting as a supplier to the watchmaking industry.

Thanks to our modern production facilities, we are able to manufacture highly complex cases made of materials such as chrome steel, titanium, carbon, hardened steel and other materials in accordance with your particular requirements. We can even process ceramics or carbides to make a case for your watch. We will also support you during the development stage, contributing our expertise to your project.

We are also pleased to manufacture components for casings such as bezels, covers, pins, screws or other small parts.

Thanks to automatic insertion systems on our CNC machines, we are able to manufacture 24 hours a day in supervised production. 


Swiss precision with shorter production times


Almost every part of a watch must meet the highest standards. We therefore use machinery that is trusted by a large part of the watchmaking industry. Spindle speeds of up to 42,000 r.p.m. are used to mill the smallest of threads within a few seconds and machine special materials such as carbon and cobalt extremely efficiently, thus reducing manufacturing time by up to 50%.


Choice of material? Doesn't work, we don't do itCarbon watch cases - RGB X-Tech AG - Rheineck


We set hardly any limits on your choice of material. We make it possible for you to use the materials that others say are impossible from the outset. We are happy to face the challenge of creating innovations.

This has enabled us to achieve great progress in working carbon. Thanks to the latest processing techniques, the service life for tools has increased, reducing wear and tear. The results meet the highest of standards. We achieve the lowest of tolerances, in the thousandth millimetre range, an achievement that can hardly be taken for granted with carbon.


RGB X-Tech customers include:


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